Dating for diabetics deanna pappas dating jeremy

I mean, I knew pretty much from day 1 that this was the man for me, so when his work moved him to New York there was no way I was letting him go without me.We decided to get married (long story – ask me about it when we meet!But at this point, my 25-year old date was cool, calm, and collected about his ‘condition’.We went back to my place, watched the second movie and he kissed me goodbye at the door on his way home. Fast forward a couple of dates and I had my first real diabetes-related worry.) and went to great lengths to make this wedding as weird and wacky as it could be.It included all the elements – a long stretch limo with mirrors on the ceiling, a golden tie for him, bought from a merchant on the side of the road, rings bought from Macy’s at their silver sale and a recycled dress with cheap shoes.

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This had nothing to do with picking up a date or anything either.

There’s a fine line between showing enough interest and being a control freak.

I figure that he had this diabetes thing down pat way before we met, so I’m letting him continue along that good path that he’s been on.

We’ve had diabetes intervene in many of our travels, parties, dinners, plans and actions, but it has never stopped us from doing anything.

My heart no longer sets off on a gallop when I spot his hypo, as I know that he will be just fine with the right intervention.

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