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– Savoir rebondir : rebondir, c’est tout simplement, lorsque votre interlocuteur vous donne un élément auquel vous ne vous attendiez pas et qui vous semble intéressant, de sauter sur l’occasion pour lui demander plus de précisions sur ce sujet.Concrètement, si je devais interviewer Aurélien sur ses voyages, rebondir pourrait s‘illustrer comme ça : Réponse : Mon meilleur souvenir, c‘est sûrement quand j‘ai escaladé le Machu Pichu à dos de lama avec pour seul guide un plan Viamichelin imprimé dans un cybercafé de Lima.Some of the most common phrases and concepts of David De Angelo include: "Attraction is not a choice." Perhaps one of the first verbalizations of a theory of attraction, this concept was one of the first "arguments" against the stereotypically male-centered habit of thinking that women could be logically convinced into being attracted to them.Drawing from the rise of evolutionary psychology, this helped bring about greater awareness that attraction is an emotional process that must be triggered through explicitly non-rational or even irrational techniques and behavior on the part of the male seducer.After going out on his own, his company grew rapidly up to the point where he was employing more than 80 people in his global operation.While his core business was in the pick up artist and seduction communities, he also engages in business and educational consulting.

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Aujourd’hui j’accueille Jérémy, l’auteur du blog Demain Je Change.

This theory sought to clarify and express the insight that women are attracted most of all to a presentation of confidence combined a certain sense of humor that conveys strength and value rather than insecurity and supplication.

A man must convey these attributes, which can overcome most other factors such as physical appearance and material possessions.

David De Angelo (AKA Eben Pagan) is considered one of the elite in the pick up artist industry in terms of popularity and is well know for the marketing of his products.

After starting out as a real estate agent, he studied both business and dating before founding his company "Double Your Dating" in 2001.

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