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Double Your Dating pioneered the use of the e Book in disseminating pick up artist techniques and materials starting when he published his "Double Your Dating E-Book" which was based upon a posting of his on "Cliff's List," then a popular source in the online PUA community.

David De Angelo started out as a student of Ross Jeffries in the late 90s going by the name "Sisonpyh" ("hypnosis" spelled backward) before seeking knowledge from other figures in the pick-up artist community such as Hypnotica (Eric Von Sydow), Dave Ricker, and Steve Piccus.

Maddash hadn’t been looking for a relationship; his whole purpose had been to use his skills to “sarge (pickup and seduce)” Kim, so that he could boast to his fellow PUAs about his conquest.

Maddash was so pleased with his fine-honed PUA skills that he proclaimed, Other sexually-frustrated men wanted their own “howitzers”—and were willing to pay big bucks to get them.

——————— Next: Review of THE GAME, Part 3: The “Eves” of Destruction.

“…we had pimply teenagers, bespectacled businessmen, tubby students, lonely millionaires, struggling actors, frustrated cab drivers, and computer programmers—lots of computer programmers. Women in surrounding bars begin hearing the same lines again and again, and they’re puzzled. You have a friend whose girlfriend is jealous because he still talks to his ex-girlfriend from college. The pickup game is infused with a sad irony: A compatible guy and girl might never meet unless his PUA training gives him the courage to approach her in the first place.L’idée générale c’est de savoir où on va, de définir un fil conducteur pour être capable de mener l’interview.La question à se poser pour définir son angle, c’est tout simplement « qu’est-ce que je veux savoir précisément ? Après ça, vous pouvez mettre sur papier les questions qui vous viennent à l’esprit et les ordonner de façon à ce qu’elles s’enchaînent logiquement, afin de fluidifier le déroulé de l’entretien à suivre.A host of PUA gurus—spawned by the Internet—opened workshops.Author Strauss provides amusing descriptions of these guys: Ross Jeffries, inventor of Speed Seduction, is described as “our porous, bony guru of gash.” (David X’s specialty: “Harem Management.”) David De Angelo tells his students to get tips on handling women from a book called DOG TRAINING. claims to “’throw chi [a Chinese word for “energy force”] through my hands into a woman’s abdomen’” causing her to “’stack one orgasm on top of another’” until—as Steve P.

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