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The town’s most famous tree, the Tree of Knowledge, was a 180-year old ghost gum, celebrated as the site for the 1891 Shearer’s Strike. It has been preserved under an eye-catching timber structure, impressive by day, but magnificent when viewed at night when the original tree canopy is recreated by clever lighting.

Spend time at the Australian Workers Heritage Centre where the stories of Australia’s working history come to life, then test your musical skills on the large scale outdoor instruments of the Thong-a-phone and Marimba.

See more than 3000 fossilised footprints and the largest collection of dinosaur tracks in the world!

Relive this incredible event, from some 95 million years ago, when a huge meat-eating theropod stalked and charged a herd of smaller dinosaurs gathering to drink at the lake.

The six biggest dinosaur skeletons in the world have been found here.

Overnight Winton There’s only one place in the world that has a definitive record of dinosaur stampede behaviour, and that’s right here in Winton Shire.

Overnight Barcaldine Today calls for an early start – you’re off to Bushranger country!Overnight Alpha Wind down the windows and feel the freedom of the open road as you head west to Jericho, on the banks of the Jordan River, south of Lake Galilee.Because of its biblical sounding name, the town became connected with the story of Joshua and how he won the Battle of Jericho.Next stop is Corfield, founded along the railway line between Winton and Hughenden, which ceased operation in the late 1990s.Today, there’s only a pub, a camping ground and a post office, but it’s a town with a lot of character, particularly when the popular Corfield Races are held (yes it’s a pun on the better known Caulfield Races).

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