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The Alaska purchase sparked fears that the Americans would try to annex BC to link Alaska with US western territories.

Amid these debates, Aboriginal people had little or no say in their political future.

Joseph Trutch, the chief commissioner of lands and works, refused to negotiate treaties with First Nations or recognize Aboriginal title to land.

The reconstruction shows that the intervals AD 1350–1420, 1475–1550, 1625–17–1940 characterized distinct periods of below-average June–July temperature followed by periods of above-average temperature.Although existing dendroclimatic records provide insights into these climatic fluctuations over the last 400 yr, their short durations prohibit evaluation of early-Little Ice Age climate variability.To extend the duration of these records, submerged coarse woody debris salvaged from a high-elevation lake was cross-dated to living chronologies.Economic recession in the colony, and the presence of a group of settlers who favoured the annexation of BC by the United States, also hampered the Confederationists.One major obstacle to union was removed in 1869 with the death of Governor Frederick Seymour, who opposed joining Canada, and his replacement by Anthony Musgrave, who supported union.

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