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Of course, making money probably isn’t the only reason the Czechs have started to indulge in candies and flowers on the 14“We think that it was mostly due to companies who first began pushing Valentine’s Day, because it’s primarily a holiday for giving, which means you can use it to sell something.

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In the 20 century, it appears cards were not enough anymore and Valentine’s day extended to the giving of candies and flowers. Greeting Card Association estimates there are 190 million valentines sent each year, and when you include the popular tradition of trading valentines in school, that estimation jumps to 1 billion, second only to Christmas with 2.6 billion.It is a ritual still assiduously practised by Czechs today.On the morning of Easter Monday, men and boys whip women of all ages, around the legs with special whips made out of twisted willow branches.For some women in the Czech Republic, Easter is a time to dread.Because today, all over the country, men will be beating women in public, without fear of arrest or prosecution.

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