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I have visited Fields and Woods to eagerly remove the few items of clothing and enjoy the air over my body, making my Penis stir and get erect.Of course, there's always the risk of being seen and I choose...Back around 1977 I was friends with the kid next door and we did some silly stuff.I remember we would go out on our bicycles real late at night and ride around the neighborhood nude, maybe had t-shirts on.

" He wasn't a streaker at all, but he pulled over in the front...My aunt is a long time nudie so I prefer to stay with them off and on. Incidentally all the family members were also there for vacation. Yes, I am also a nudist, but even many nudists only stay uncovered at home or at an official nude or clothing-optional place, and some are absolutely puritanical about...Having a hairy body since puberty it's really nice to be naked outdoors..I started out in just my hiking boots and a pair of gym shorts with nothing underneath.When I got far enough away from the road I took the shorts off and enjoyed hiking nude. I haven't been nude outdoors since I was a kid but I would love to experience it now as an adult.

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