Disadvantages of dating a single mother

Teenage pregnancy and the road to poverty Poverty is a major problem most teenage mother’s experience....[tags: poverty, teenage mothers, single parents] - Income Inequality: It’s Effect on African-American Single Mothers and Their Children.[tags: Teen Mothers, Welfare] - “My only wish was to be free of this humiliation; I felt lonely and didn’t have the support I deserved.” These were the words of a young fifteen-year-old Moroccan girl who was victim of rape and asked to remain anonymous because of the shame that is associated with being a single mother. Article 490 of the Moroccan penal code states that any two people of opposite sex who have sexual relations without being united by marriage shall be put to jail (Portant Approbation du Texte Du Code Pénal)....[tags: Morocco, women, exclusion, social acceptance] - Although currently we do not recognizing the increasingly important role of women in the economy.

The women on welfare are often treated poorly because people think they are ‘working the system’.

- Single parenthood culture seems appealing to many married people.

However, married individuals are forced to battle with elements like faithfulness and life-long commitment to one individual, which may be boring in some cases.

Tax payers feel as if the single mothers on welfare perpetuated their own poverty by having children that they cannot support, just for a bigger welfare check.

They often assume that these women do not work and just live off government handouts.

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