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I’ve enjoyed a ton of good music over the year, but this year is also the year I found Brian Fallon and The Gaslight Anthem so I’ve filled up a lot of time listening to him.

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I’m new to the indie rock scene so I don’t know much about what makes a “good” indie rock record.

The albums on this list range from folk to hip-hop to punk to indie pop.

My music taste has become more diverse, especially this year, which I’m happy about because there are many good bands and artists out there. I’ve only been into this duo for about a year now, so I wasn’t as hyped about this release as some might have been.

They shut the lights off, they took the car, and I bought a sawed-off shotgun.” (from Sawed-Off Shotgun) Top 3 songs: Sawed-off Shotgun, My Poor Heart, Everything is Alright I love sad songs.

I love songs that express some kind of deep emotion.

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