Sedating felines for neutering

It sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud but I don't know what to expect. For our cats (male and female), we stopped giving them food the evening before the operation (recommandation of the vet). Our male was relatively quiet (also in the waiting cages), but the female was a bit more nervous. Be sure to give them as much love as you can when you are home though :-) If the cat's stomach is not empty when he is anesthetized for the surgery, there is a real danger that he could vomit and he might aspirate the material - that means the material would go down his windpipe - and they might not be able to clear the material before he suffocated. Think about yourself - not eating for 12 hours will not cause you any harm.Should I take time off work for his recovery period? The vet told me I could stay a little while with her, which I did, and everything was ok. Don't have surgery of any type done on a cat without him or her fasting for at least 10 hours. If you consider the length of time you are asleep at night, you go quite a few hours without eating. Breakfast is the meal that breaks your overnight fasting. The vet makes a small incision in the scrotum - that is the pouch which contains the testicles, The then gently pulls the testicles out and cuts the tube attached to them.Go to Google and search on: male cat neuter procedure video I just did so and found what looks like hundreds of videos showing the actual surgery. There is less blood loss from the cat than if you cut your finger.There simply are no any large blood vessels in the surgical area. First - waiting for a year is far to long to wait to have a male cat neutered - far too long.It takes just moments to do the job and they don't need to put the cat under deeply or for a long time.Follow your vets advise about dealing with your cat at home.

He went to use the litter pan and wound up falling into it.Sedatives used for more involved procedures may include acepromazine, diazepakm, xylazine and medetomidine. The guidelines regarding the dosage of injectable anesthetic is computed by the cat’s weight. We have never had a male or female damage the surgical area and living with one of those collars is not something you want your cat to endure.He will likely lick the surgical area but that's fine. You only need to be concerned if he is actually opening up the incision - but we've never had that happen.

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