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Peskov responded to Elder's article on the difficulty of dry-cleaning in Moscow by mentioning Russians' difficulty obtaining a visa to the United Kingdom.

The tactic received new attention during Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea and military intervention in Ukraine.

Mels insists and finally the two visit Bob's apartment, where they have fun at dancing the boogie to bootlegged songs.The Russian officials and media frequently used "what about" and then provided Kosovo independence or Scotland referendum as an example to justify Crimean annexation or Donbass military conflict.NPR noted Trump chose to criticize the Affordable Care Act when he himself faced criticism over the proposed American Health Care Act of 2017, "Instead of giving a reasoned defense, he went for blunt offense, which is a hallmark of whataboutism." NPR noted similarities in use of the tactic by Putin and Trump, "it's no less striking that while Putin's Russia is causing the Trump administration so much trouble, Trump nevertheless often sounds an awful lot like Putin".Perceived as "enemies of society", the stilyagi are forced to flee, with many of them getting caught and their clothing, ties or hair cut by the Komsomol for demonstrative purposes.Mels, a twenty-year-old paragon athletic student and member of the Komsomol, is ordered by Katia to chase one of the escapists, another young girl.

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