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In many ways, the World Wide Web itself, based on HTTP, can be viewed as a REST-based architecture.RESTful applications use HTTP requests to post data (create and/or update), read data (e.g., make queries), and delete data.Our service uses a custom hypermedia based on JSON, for which we assign the mimetype A REST API should spend almost all of its descriptive effort in defining the media type(s) used for representing resources and driving application state, or in defining extended relation names and/or hypertext-enabled mark-up for existing standard media types.Notice that we are using different HTTP verbs (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE etc.) to manipulate these resources, and that the only knowledge we presume on the clients part is our media definition.Then think about the representations, protocols, and technologies. Must reads are Representational State Transfer (REST) and REST APIs must be hypertext-driven See Martin Fowlers article the Richardson Maturity Model (RMM) for an explanation on what an RESTful service is.To be RESTful a Service needs to fulfill the Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State.This principle is the key differentiator between a REST and most other forms of client server system. A client of a RESTful application need only know a single fixed URL to access it.All future actions should be discoverable dynamically from hypermedia links included in the representations of the resources that are returned from that URL.

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For example, Let's imagine that we have a user database that is managed by a web service.

And while there are REST programming frameworks, working with REST is so simple that you can often "roll your own" with standard library features in languages like Perl, Java, or C#.

It's programming where the architecture of your system fits the REST style laid out by Roy Fielding in his thesis.

I think that the most important trick to understanding the architectural importance and performance implications of a RESTful and Shared Nothing architectures is to avoid getting hung up on the technology and implementation details.

Concentrate on who owns resources, who is responsible for creating/maintaining them, etc.

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