Joe jonas dating camilla belle

Aly was asked who AJ’s first kiss was, and she replied, “Joe Jonas.” AJ said, “No one knows he was my first kiss,” she continued, “I’m pretty sure I was his, too.” The kissing happened at the bowling alley, and that’s what started the relationship. They broke up after dating for almost a year because of long distance. Joe ended the relationship with a 27-second phone call… We all know Taylor likes to write songs about her exes.

Fans speculated that her songs, “Forever And Always,” “Last Kiss,” and “Better Than Revenge,” were based on her relationship with Joe.

It’s heartbreaking news to those who’s been a fan of Joe Jonas since the Jonas Brothers’ days. They’ve dated for less than a year, and because they kept their relationship mostly private, this comes as huge news.

Joe met Camilla while they were filming for Jonas Brothers’ “Lovebug” music video.

They grew up together in the neighborhood, and she was a close friend of the Jonas’ family.

The Jonas Brothers’ first single, “Mandy,” from their album, It’s About Time, was inspired by her. Unfortunately, they only dated for a few months in the summer.

In 2008, Joe and Brenda’s dating rumor started when there was a picture of them riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World, but the rumor went away. Joe and Brenda were spotted having a sushi date after his breakup with Camilla. Fans liked the chemistry between her and Joe that they named them “Jemi.” She recently went on Youtube, Demi Watches Demi, and saw a recap of a scene from the movie where Joe was playing the guitar by the lake.

They tried to leave the restaurant separately to avoid a possible rumor, but their plan failed. She said it was that moment when she fell in love with Joe in real life.

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