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All of their modern icons have been converted to White. Richard renounced his royal estate and set sail with his two sons from Hamblehaven near Southampton about 721.One can't help but wonder if White Christians, who profess such love for Jesus and Christianity, appreciate the rather gross irony of their practices. They landed in France and stayed for a while in Rouen before setting off on the pilgrimage route to Italy, making devotions at most of the shrines on the way. But Oswiu, wishing to regain the land and power held by Oswald, quarrelled with Oswin and they raised armies against each other.

From ancient times this Feast was especially venerated by pregnant women in Russia. 651), king of Deira in Northumbria 644–51 and venerated as a martyr. roughly the territory of the former county of Yorkshire), was killed by the pagan king Cadwalla in 634, Oswin went to the kingdom of Wessex (in southern England) for safety.Many of the people depicted here, were Martyred in service to, and defense of, their ancestors - thus them. He fell ill with a fever and died in Lucca, in Tuscany, where he was buried in the church of San Frediano (founded by the Irish monk Frigidian).Yet they show these ancient Blacks - Jesus included; and our memories of them, such disrespect and contempt, by depicting them differently than what they proudly were. Miracles were reported at his tomb and a cult of veneration grew up. Bede described him as ‘a man of handsome appearance and great stature, pleasant in speech and courteous in manner. This earl, however, treacherously betrayed him to Oswiu, who ordered Oswin and his soldier to be put to death. Oswin was a devoted friend of Aidan, apostle of Northumbria, who died only twelve days after him.

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