Sirius radio updating stuck symantec 10 not updating defs

It is important to note that "Preventive" service repairs will generally not be performed under warranty during the normal warranty period if a vehicle is not exhibiting the particular symptom or problem. If you ask your dealer to perform the modification outside of the warranty period, expect to pay for the labor and parts.

The first two digits of all TSB numbers represent the category group.

Bluetooth Streaming Audio from i Pad plays with no issue.

However, seek up and seek down buttons on the radio are not supported by the i Pad.

Some customers may mistakenly cause the liftgate glass to be ajar by pushing the FOBIK button by accident.

Apple IPhone4 - Audio issues playing audio files Customers may complain that while playing audio files from apple i Phone4, the sound will drop out or fail to play. The following solution should be suggested to customers in the interim: Step 1: Turn the vehicle off Step 2: Turn the i Phone4 off and on.

When trying to open their liftgate with any of the methods available (FOBIK, Interior switch or liftgate switch), the liftgate may not open.

It is important to note if the liftgate glass is ajar, the gate will NOT open.

Repairs, adjustments or modifications described in these TSB's should be done by qualified service personnel only, especially when relating to safety and drivability issues.

For a detailed explanation of TSB's, see this article from SERVICE BULLETINS ARE NOT A WARRANTY ITEM FOR VEHICLES OUT OF WARRANTY.

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