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For the article will be use a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 ISO file to Import in MDT 2013.If you have an iso file of Windows open the folder which include the iso files, right click and select Mount.I have copied the contents of the deployment server to an external drive and have been making my changes there.My hopes are to successfully apply the drivers on to the usb drive copy and create a USB bootable deployment. I have already answer in the user but i thought that and other users maybe has this question.When a matching driver is found, it is injected into the image before it is applied to the computer’s hard drive.

I do not want to make changes to the production environment for fear of breaking it.In the past i wrote multiple articles for different features that you can use with MDT.The result is to create the Category MDT that you can find also in Menu and you can read lot of articles related to Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013.So let's start to explain step by step how can do it.MDT 2013 support adding full source of Windows DVD ISO or custom images that you have created.

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