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For all of you asking why it has the insane amount of dps, it is beacause the bow "makes" its own arrows, therefore you can remove the arrow/bullet dps from the Timeless arrow/Shell (which I assume every hunter raiding Sunwell is using), making it a 95,8 dps bow.

Even if the DPS isnt anything special (without ammunition) the steady shots will be insane thanks to the high base damage.

no way is this a rouge item....hunter use thier bows a milllion times more than rogues so in no way would the arrow generation be useful to rogues other than to save them a few silver or gold on arrows..rogue who rolls on this over a hunter should not simply move servers..should be banned.

The speed has changed since the bow got into wowhead's DB.

Interestingly, it's listed as "disenchantable", but that might be an error.

It's also safe to assume that any equipment with an item level of 164 drops from Kil'Jaeden. item=34196 has crit (in form of agi), atp and armor pen as well. Because if not, this is the biggest failure from Blizzard.

As of 21th of May it has 2.7 speed with 355-524 which bumps its dps from 148.8 to 162.8 , Hunters everywhere Rejoice !

And even though it would be a crime to give it to someone other than a hunter (Unless your raid's hunters already have one) it's not what we say that matters, it's the DKP. is that any Hunter that gets this will rock the damage meters...

On a side note, it would be nice to see more legendary and epic items effect the game in different ways. It would be a nice touch if while wearing this bow you got a more positive or simply different response from the Blood elves in Silvermoon Assuming a hunter does 2.5k dps and Steadyshot is 60% of his total damagethen that hunter would gain (540-380)= 160 damage per steadyshot.

If the average steadyshot/Autoshot hits for 1.3k on a fully debuffed target when the hunter is raidbuffed then he would get a 160/1300=12% damage increase on steady.

I mean, the reactions like the one with Atiesh in Malchezaar fight is quite interesting, but it would be better if the legendaries actually affected the gameplay in some way too From Wo WWiki : Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury is allegedly the name of a legendary bow.

A European CM stated that a legendary item will be included in patch 2.4 that will "principally benefit hunters," and will be a straight drop like Blades of Azzinoth.

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