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The home is now closed and is patrolled by local police. The hotel nearby the Blue Parrot Inn has a long history of guests leaving in the middle of the night, sometimes forgetting all their belongings.

People who have stayed there say they felt cold air, damp beds and a very malign presence. The reception desk says that they have no vacancies, although no guests are seen. The Argentinean restaurant, then the soccer restaurant, and it’s location is for sale.

There was a Spanish Hidalgo called Miguel Ariztia that lived there until his death.

The hacienda is very big and very old, more than two hundred years old.

Crosses remembering people who died in car crashes there are common at the side of the road.

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This "puerto" or "mountain view" can be only reached by driving in a very dangerous road at the mountains sorrounding Villa de Santiago.

Ten hours later a search group went looking for the miners.

But when they got to the cave this mining cart came out but what they found were mutilated bodies and the bones had teeth marks, but these teeth marks did not come from a dog, human, or wolf. When the Spaniards went to Mexico in the 16th century, they build many huge ranches, Pilar ranch was one of them.

In the early 90's a girl traveling in the back of a pick-up truck fell when the driver made a sharp turn.

When she fell, she landed under the truck and the back tire ran over her head. you see a girl wearing a white dress with a veil covering her head next to the accident site.

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