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Only lran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain have a Shia majority, although there are also significant Shia populations in Yemen, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria and Qatar.

Despite being members of the religious minority, the Saudi-backed Kingdom of Bahrain has long been ruled by the Sunni House of Khalifa.

The arguments are complicated but essentially boil down to the fact that Sunni’s believe the Prophets’ trusted friend and advisor Abu Bakr was the first rightful leader of Muslims or “caliph”, while Shias believe that Mohammed’s cousin and son-in-law Ali was chosen by Allah to hold the title.

Both men did eventually hold the title – Abu Bakr first until his death, and Ali fourth after two previous caliphs were assassinated – but the schism really hit over who should come next.

While followers of either group range from the moderate to the extremist, Sunnis are largely focussed on the power of the God in the physical world, while Shias look more towards the rewards of the afterlife and as such place significant value in the celebration of martyrdom.

What is the geographical split of Sunnis and Shias?

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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ruled by a Sunni monarchy known as the House of Saud, with 90 per cent of the population adherents of their leaders’ faith.

Well, I know the first thing I needed to do was have a good, long think and ask myself what exactly I was comfortable with. ” These are some very difficult and real questions but, once you are clear on what you want from a relationship, the easier it all becomes from here (I promise).

Also, there are no right or wrong answers to these questions, the answers are wholly personal to you.

Situations like this, when the separation of both cultures and, arguably, lives becomes so absolute that one never entwines with the other are so dangerous and, in my opinion, absolutely unnecessary.

There’s no shame in coming from a traditional or religious family, or even in wanting more traditional relationships with the opposite sex.

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