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Unfortunately, Janet and Jack both drank water laced with poison, and Janet died, while Jack was left in a coma.

Batman began to reconsider Tim for the role of Robin, due to his fear that Tim was now motivated by anger, just as Jason had been.

When Nightwing left the Titans for a short time in order to find himself, Tim followed him and after helping Dick solve a mystery at Haly's Circus, was able to convince Dick that Batman needed help.

However, where Dick intended to help Batman as Nightwing, Tim remained convinced that Batman needed Robin more.

Together they discovered that King Snake was interested in more than just drugs—he was going into the chemical weapons industry, manufacturing his own bubonic plague. While there, Shiva trained with Robin some more, and here he first acquired his collapsible fighting staff.

King Snake's plan was actually to unleash his plague into Hong Kong so as to leave it a rotting cesspool before the Chinese reclaimed it from the British. Clyde found him first and was quickly killed by Snake.

His first stop would be Paris, where he would learn from Rahul Lama, a Chinese martial arts master.

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Tim Drake was little more than a toddler when he attended the circus with his parents.

Although everyone was wearing their seatbelts, Lee Sujin suffered damage to her stomach and received emergency treatment.

According to the agency, she is currently being hospitalized and is slowly recovering.

Re-Blogged By: De De Tillman Source: Koreaboo Media: Koreaboo Posted: Sunday December 7, 2018 @ p.m PST After leaving the set of MIXNINE on December 31, Fave Entertainment trainee Lee Sujin was involved in a car accident.

Lee Sujin, two of the other Fave Entertainment trainees, and a manager, were involved in the accident with the vehicle directly in front of them.

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