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Rachel screamed and leapt back, luckily managing to land safely on her feet, and crouching down with her arms wrapped round herself she began first to tremble and then to visibly shake and weep. I hadn't foreseen a re-action like this and I had mostly intended my actions as a joke, though in full truth there were hidden sexual overtones to pulling her pants off, and I quickly leapt out of bed and went to her. You're still covered up." I put my hand on her shoulder to comfort her and she angrily shook it off. I'm your sister after all and you are supposed to love me and look after me! I didn't really think about it." I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly, "Forgive me? I hate it when we don't get on." "I suppose I have to.

" Rachel's sobs were drying up and I was completely shocked at her language. It would maybe have been funnier if I wasn't so upset about Mom and Dad. I couldn't bear it if you and I were split up as well." Our parents' problems had definitely been frightening and upsetting her a whole lot.

Without releasing her I moved over to my bed and sat down, with her cuddled by my side, and attempted to put her mind at rest, "Don't worry so much, Rachel.

I'm sure that they will work it out and everything will be Ok again.

We are the same age for only about 3 weeks of any year and, if she had not been born early, there would be about 14 months between us.

We were travelling to our grand-parents farm by train rather than by air as Rachel hates flying and there is quite a distance and quite major difficulties in getting from the nearest airport to the farm.

My name is Michael and my sister, Rachel, and I, at the time, were both aged 14 years old and, no, we're not twins, as you will be guessing, as we are almost a year apart in age.

Rachel was born almost 2 months pre-maturely and it was almost miraculous that she survived.

We both had plenty of reading material and some games and, with plenty of spending money, we would have a nice trip except for the boredom.I could feel her small titties crushed gently against my chest, my semi-erect cock pushing against her thigh and her pussy rubbing my leg.I was well aware of the warmth of her crotch even through the material of her panties and, while I revelled in our proximity, I was extremely nervous of her waking and being horrified at our closeness.Come on, let's lie down." I lifted her up onto my bed, her PJ pants falling from her feet, and I cuddled into her back and held her close.It didn't take me long to realise that I was holding, in my arms, a very pretty young lady clad only in a thin PJ top and thin blue panties and I was quickly forced to keep my groin well back from her.

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