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In Martil for example, a whole district is reserved for sexual tourism industry and the number of furnished houses the intermediaries rent is estimated in two hundred houses, the fact which arises the fear that Martil would soon become a sex tourism attraction As I mentioned earlier, sex tourism in Morocco is officially covered up so as not to spoil the country’s reputation.

Yet, news of breaking sex scandals spread and impart nationally and internationally through media and newspapers and recently through a number of mushrooming ‘scoop’ pages on Facebook.

They encourage such kind of tourism by tolerating the illegal sexual services of many luxurious hotels.

Officially, sexual tourism in Morocco does not exist apart from some intermittent deviant practices that take place anywhere else in the world.

These abused children are victims of sex tourists, especially those from the Gulf States and European countries.

Marrakech is well known of its widespread abuse of children within the prostitution industry and attracts many child sex tourists each year according to the report made by the M6 French channel.

Twelve of the women implicated in this scandal were sentenced to one year imprisonment while the perpetrator was released unquestioned.

On February the 1, 2012, a Belgian court sentenced Philip Servaty to two years of suspended imprisonment for his crimes. Child Sex Tourism in Morocco The estimated number of child sex tourism victims annually is about 300 million all over the world.

Hence, the historic, cultural and natural richness of cities like Marrakech, Agadir, Casablanca and Rabat has been badly tarnished by the vice of sexual tourism.In addition, girls and boys working as domestic servants and street vendors are increasingly vulnerable to child sex tourism, particularly in the cities of Marrakech and Casablanca.In general, most child sex tourism’s victims are children exposed to poverty, family breakdown, homelessness, child labour, trafficking, and adoption.However, journalistic reports and investigations say and prove otherwise.In one of its reports, daily broadsheet asserts that in Casablanca alone there is about five thousands furnished houses and villas providing sexual services to European and Gulf tourists.

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