Otr driver dating

I am suspecting paint is too thin or not of a good quality.

We measured the paint thickness and there is as low as 51 microns of paint on the roof.

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Lo L I told them I'd wait for the official release and confirmed pricing from Mazda I'm looking at the new CX-5 GT variant or the new Tiguan.

The main difference I can identify between the two cars is the engine. The only thing letting the Tiguan down is the VW name and the diesel gate saga.

The Mazda's 2.5L engine seems under powered when compared to the Tiguan's 2.0 litre engine. Imho, looking at the car itself, Tiguan hands down. Tiguan 162TSI R-Line is going for k D/A these days according to forum posts (Metallic, DAP, Sunroof) and Akera to be perhaps k D/A (assuming minimal discount given it's new) so I guess the Tiguan is a better buy overall given a better engine/power, interior design and space (larger boot)?

For me (i drive a 2015 gt-d), this is my personal opinion on the new car- I don't like the front grille, looks uglier vs current.- rear airvent is great for the kids.- extra safety stuff (now standard on gt and up, not wheni bought) is also great.- I don't mind the wheels on current car, new wheels are uglier.- don't mind the mzd display in the middle like cx9, m3, m6 etc... From the Japanese videos: Also have the dual 2.1A USB ports in the rear centre armrest like the CX-9.

As well as heated rear outboard seats like the Mazda 6.

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