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His formal arraignment is scheduled for October 3rd.A former Manchester City football goalkeeper has spoken of his heartbreak after his girlfriend killed herself, saying the pair 'loved each other more than anything else in the world'.When he questioned the 69-year-old man, Havrilla said he had been doing construction.Havrilla's attorney said his client is already headed to trial for other burglary charges.'I think it was an innocent situation that is getting drug out a little further than it should, but that will come out soon.'But Kennedy does not share the same sentiment.He said: 'It's very disheartening to feel violated in this way that somebody can come in and disrupt the sanctity of my home, it's indescribable.'Kennedy added that he's seen noticeable drill holes in the common brick wall that he shares with Havrilla.The man looks to drill a hole near the vent and observes the scene for about half an hour. Appearing in court on Wednesday, Havrilla waived his right to a preliminary hearing.His lawyer said the luring charge was dropped.'I think it will come out soon that he did not have a malicious intent at all,' Havrilla's attorney, Anthony Jackson, said.

She had always been a size eight or ten but she looked really slim at this point.'After she returned from holiday she went into work for a meeting.'There was a comment from a manager who said: "I am not here to babysit you", and this upset Faye - she just wanted them to understand her condition. On the Wednesday or Thursday Faye handed in her notice at work.

The nerves and muscles of the pelvic area can be damaged through surgery, pregnancy, and vaginal childbirth.

Symptoms include constipation, a constant need to urinate, a painful sensation when urinating, and pain to the pelvic area and lower back.

In a statement former City youth team player Mr O'Brien, who now plays for Macclesfield Town, said: 'I met Faye in 2015 via social media and things became quite serious quite quickly.

'Whilst we were on holiday together she began to suffer from really bad stomach pains and constipation and she saw a doctor when we returned to the UK.'Over the months I think this began to take its toll on Faye, particularly as there was no sign of it improving.

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