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There are four to the collection and they are all Eau de Parfums which is nice and surprising considering they were launched and are sold at Walmart and drug stores. The scent pyramid states there is peony in this fragrance but i dont detect peony at all.

They are nice little scents and i am reviewing their Jasmine and Sparkling Mimosa scent today. I do smell what i think is a nice green apple note but the scent pyramid does not state green apples are a note in the scent.

There are four scents in the collection: Fresh Rose Peach, Jasmine Sparkling Mimosa, Freesia Violet Petals, and Orange Blossom White Musk.

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Besides boasting fun fragrance blends, one of the cutest features of these perfumes is the scratch-n-sniff packaging!

Usually mass retailers and drugstores don’t have samples on display for you to try-before-you-buy, so being able to scratch the box to get a whiff of what’s inside is awesome!

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