Dating length and marriage

Because of the lack of passion, usually one or both felt ambivalent towards each other at some point.

However, because of the longer courtship, these couples were usually aware of problems in their relationship, but they hoped marriage alone would resolve them.

Perpetuating disillusionment in these passionate relationships leads to their downfall since they never address any areas of conflict.

However, because of the high level of romanticism and affection, these couples often made it past their seventh wedding anniversary before calling it quits.

They tended to take a more leisurely attitude towards dating and courtship, focusing more on travel, partying, and other events.

Perhaps they had been hurt in the past, and wanted to take things slow because of their fear of commitment.

Huston believes the habits formed in courtship plant the seeds for success or failure in marriage.

The couples who were studied were divided into three groups: those who courted for less than one year before marriage, one to three years before marriage, and three or more years before marriage.

Joy Kubik met her husband, Alex, through Catholic in June 2005.These couples only ever put their best foot forward and were usually attracted to external attributes such as looks, earning potential, and material things.Couples from the TV reality series fit this category.While their passion wasn’t as strong as those in the shorter relationships, it remained sweet and steady with little drama.These couples weren’t disillusioned, rather they had a realistic approach towards the daily expectations of marriage.

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