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Thus, a gender atypical young child is a times more likely to be gay or lesbian than transsexual.

The odds that a young child is transsexual goes up if that child is both extremely gender atypical and gender dysphoric of course, but it is still not certain.

As an adoptive and foster parent myself, please allow me to express that you have my most sincere empathy. Raising children is both a privilege and sacred trust.

You are entrusted with the well-being and responsibility to support another human being as they become an adult who will stand on their own.

It is entirely possible that your gender atypical child or teen is not a transkid; Most gender atypical children will not be gender dysphoric, and not all gender dysphoric children will persist as such into their teen years.

Just wanting to do some activities that our culture considers to be stereotypical of the other gender does not automatically mean that child is truly gender atypical, and certainly not gender dysphoric.

I served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for an Ft M transkid in foster care who is now an adult.

I’m currently on the board of directors of a local LGBT youth center that is very T friendly.

Although there has been no actual increase in the number of gender atypical and dysphoric children, there has been a very dramatic increase in the number of teenagers and young adults, mostly heterosexual girls / young women, who in their need to be considered “special” and “cool” have falsely claimed a “transgender identity”.It is so broad that it can encompass everything from the secretive, otherwise typical straight man, who cross-dresses for erotic pleasure to the profoundly gender atypical child who truly could fit the oft-repeated trope of a “boy trapped in the body of a girl” or “girl trapped in the body of a boy”.To address this overly broad definition, we use the term “transkid” in the latter, much more narrow, sense.Many, perhaps most, “tomboys” and “sissies” do grow out of it around seven to ten years old.Most gender atypical children, especially “sissy boys” will grow up to be gay, not transsexual, accepting their gender of birth.

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