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"In proportion to the value" addiction marijuana, 17; giving one's self away, 53; "Drug addicts [...] are not often inclined toward violent crime" 55; "Who teaches your U. 130; junkie in Boston; 300; China Pearl Place 133; in Boston Chit Chat Farms Rehabilitation of Pennsylvania State 749; where Maranthe (as Henri, the Swiss) did detox Choosy Mothers 582; (name taken from 1970s era slogan of Jif peanut butter: "Choosy mothers choose Jif." Chore Boys 222; 225 Chrétien, J. 490; director of Input/Output testing of "the Entertainment"; 646 Flechette, Dwight 949; ETA student during Orin's time there Flechette, Walt 46; ETA student in Orin's dream Flents 201; brand of earplug F. S.'s northern oxides north" 385; provenance, 402-03;1018; "massive lucite walls" 438; Green, Bruce 38; 8th grader who fell in love with Mildred Bonk; at Ennet House, 179; 207; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid" 276; 363; Lenz's confidant, 546; 553; parents, 578-81; "'For God's sake no Mr. Hazel 834; 70s TV sitcom head- Millicent Kent hairdo, 122; eye popping out of "C's map" 134; Mario's "large but sort of withered-looking head" 154; "Hal's head, closely monitored by de Lint and Staff, is judged still level and focused" 155; Himself "transcending that overlarge head" 158; "the sound of your head revving, and head is still just body" 159; "pencil-necked big-headed asthmatic little kid staring up through Coke-bottle lenses" 182; "The engineer [...] has extremely bad skin" 183; "M. T.'s near-new Student Union [...] one enormous cerebral cortex" 184; "a living corporeal head" 189; "phrenologically malformed" 190; "Two-Baggers" 190; "the utterly noseless" 191; "Kornspan's red face is leaping around on his skull" 199; "mesomorphic head" 200; "99% of the head's thinking activity consists of trying to scare the everliving shit out of itself" 204; Didi N.'s tattoo of "tattered screaming skull" 208; "synthetic-narc-addicted kid" named Skull, 208; "her brain heving around in its skull" 226; "brain heaving in its bone-box" 231; "lifted her veil back to cover her skull like a bride" 235; "[Schacht's] own big sick head" 262; Mario's "poor big head" 267; "They identify their whole selves with their head, and the Disease makes its command headquarters in the head" 272; "head-gaming" 273; Treat's "ruined face" 274; "Disease chewing away inside his head" 274; "garbage-head all-Substance-type kid [...] face very slightly smunched in on one side" 276; "bird-like head movements" 276; "look of a mean clown" 277; Gately's "massive square head" 277; Heath, Pam fn.24/987; played dentist's wife in Himself's Fun with Teeth; played wife in Himself's Various Small Flames, fn.24/988; plays "Death as a lethally beautiful woman" in Himself's Möbius Strips, fn.24/990; Heaven, Paul Anthony 910; thumbless; played dull Academic in Good-Looking Men ...; "data entry drone for Ocean Spray"; narrated "There Are No Losers Here" fn.24/986; played a son in Himself's Low-Temperature Physics, fn.24/991; Heidegger , Martin 233; Ger. listed with Nick Bolliteri, famous Floridian nurturer of tennis youth.) Horace 551; Stice family dog back in Kansas, and Stice's name for his anger Howell, Mr. Local 517 813; Ewell's father's union ("International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers") Incandenza, Mrs. Johnson's demise, 1051; "views the recipients of [her] charity not as persons so much as pieces of exercise equipment on which [she] can develop and demonstrate [her] own virtue" fn.269/1052; AFR spy ? She is 197 cm (6' 5 1/2") tall in flats" 898; "had Himself interred in her family's traditional plot in L'Islet Province" 907; "birth-mother had died in Québec of an infarction when [the Moms] was eight, her father during her sophomore year at Mc Gill under circumstances none of us knew" 953; affairs with "Bain, graduate students, grammatical colleagues, Japanese fight-choreographers, the hairy-shouldered Ken N. post-modern hero, 140-42; "the catatonic hero, the one beyond calm, divorced from all stimulus, carried here and there across sets by burly extras" 142; bunks in subdorm A on 3rd floor of Comm.-Ad.; date of birth: 10/91, 155; about, 155; training, 172; "the window of opportunity [to take DMZ] looks to be 11/20-21" 217; discovered J. in microwave, 248; and the grief-therapist, 252; his tennis game, 260; "asymetrically hobbled on the care-too-much side" of tennis proficiency, 269; "the substance-compulsion's strange apparent contribution to Hal's erumpent explosion up the rankings has got to be a temporary thing, that there's like a psychic credit-card bill for Hal in the mail" 270; "feels at his own face to see whether he is wincing" 342; craves dope, tobacco & sugar, 395; "an almost obsessive dislike for de Lint" 460; taking care of the blind kid from Philo IL who had "cranium-issues" 518; "at complete ease with" Stice, 521; lying on his back "photosynthesizing" 560; relationship to the Moms, fn.234/1040; near-loss to Stice, 627; "lifetime virginity is a conscious goal" 634; "a whole new and chemical-free Hal" 635; "Hal's in essence a torturer" as a player, 659; Pump Room hideaway sniffed out by kids, 668; his tennis game, 680, 682; chewing Kodiak, 686; "the sleek little show-offy kid" 745; ONANTA guy holding him and Pemulis by the ear, 759; dream of losing teeth, 770; "O. ) in Himself's Safe Boating is No Accident M., Gene See Martinez, Eugenio Mackey fn.209/1035; senior male ETA student Madame, The 542; hallucinogen Doony Glynn did in 1989 Made Guys from the North End 609; presumably "made" members of the mafia. A tool (test) used to categorize humans by personality. T.'s administrative ass't; 174; 432; about, 509-; More Will Be Revealed 540; NA group Morris [sic] Code 275 M. 446; Gately's mother's "live-in lover, a former Navy M. who used to beat her up on a regular schedule"; 840-43; drove a "cheese-and-egg delivery truck for Cheese King Inc." 841; maiming flies, 842; mucronate 314.1 5. In fact when I did it I came up with a different year. (Gerald) 63; American president, 1974-76 Formal Affair, A 717; store Lenz rips off tux jacket & spats Fortier, M. This 1999 post to wallace-l has more info.] Goncharov 282; author of Oblomov Good Morning, Midnight 191; "depressing book" read by Madame Psychosis. Also a poem by Emily Dickinson, 1830-1889) Gopnik, Josh 119; younger ETA student; 330; Grateful Dead 208; 481; 904; 918; 927; Great Bisbee Palm-Rot epidemic 167; in AZ in 1933 Great Concavity 58; 67; 233; provenance, 402-03; "three-quarters of the Concavity's northern border runs contiguous to Québec" 1017; 1018; reason for being, 572; "a surrounding environment so fertilely lush it's practically unlivable" 573; delimited by "Lucite walls and ATHSCME'd checkpoints" 670; Great Convexity 59; 233; "the glass-walled Great Convexity whose southernd array of ATHSCME Effectuators blow the tidy U. 578; father of Bruce; former aerobics instructor (till leg shrank/grew), then "worked in a Waltham novelty or notions concern, something with 'N in the name" 579; packed cigars with tetryl-based explosives, grossly decapitating 3 Rotarians and 24 Shriners, 581; Green Babies 288; Avril's houseplants; 745; Green Door, The 955; actually Behind the Green Door, a 70s porno flick Gregg pen 622; stenographer's pen; 656; 659; Grief-Therapist 16; and Hal (to alleviate the Moms' guilt), 252; 954 Griffith, D. fn.24/986; Himself dedicated Dark Logics to him Gunther, Nell 208; Ennet House resident; has a glass eye which she wears backwards, 362; Guy Who Didn't Even Use His First Name 137; founded Ennet House; 465; Gymnasium Kaiserslautern 460; where Schtitt went to school, in Germany H., Morris See Hanley, Morris Habitant Soup 425; 480; Hagia Sophia 952; floor plans for, at Qal'at Si'man Hallie 49; aka Hal Incandenza Hammid 185; Hamilton, M(argaret) 191; actress who played the West Witch in Wizard of Oz, color Xerox of in Avril's study; Hamlet "Riverside Hamlet" 171; "signifying zip" 174; 238; 900; "never once doubts the reality of the ghost"; Poor Yorick Entertainment, fn.24/990; "the graveyard scene from" fn.337/1076; Hanley, Morris 205; Ennet House resident; "special tollhouse cookies" 205; 279; 363; 564; baked cream-cheese brownies for hospitalized Gately, 826; Haplology 745-2; Happy Patches 420; fn.169/1031; 474; Happy Slippers ("pisscatchers") 85-86; what they wear at Ennet House Harde, Dave ("Fall Down Very") 152; narcoleptic old ETA janitor; fn.93; "Flight of the Bumblebee" 405; 666; "spinal funiculi" fn.324/1066; Hartigan, Neil 454; laconic ETA prorector; "traditional Tahitian shirt and Gaugin-motif sweater" 460; 525; 667; Harv 802; at Inner Child group Harvey, Paul 271; radio personality known for "The Rest Of The Story." Hasbro 883; "tie-ins with" Hawaii Five-O 584; 60s TV detective show Hayworth, Rita 209; American film actress of mid 20th century. and Chuck Tavis live Ho, Don 583; Hawaiian pop singer; "My Lovely Launa-Una Luau Lady" 586; "voice has the quality of a type of: ointment" 587; Hobbes , Thomas 12; English philosopher; "Hobbesian sewers" 44 Hoffman-Jeep, Pamela 465; Gately's "totally alcoholic past girlfriend"; about the relationship, 924; Holt, Gretchen 755; younger ETA student Home Group 209; "Ewell's chosen" Hooley, Maureen 876; Vice-President for Children's Entertainment, Interlace Telentertainment, Inc.; Hope, Bob 51; code for marijuana; fn.27/994 (Bob Hope, American comedian) Hopman 82; tennis teacher (? ("The Moms") 10; native of Canada; Hal's mother; "assignations with a certain unnamed bisexual bassoonist in the Albertan Secret Guard's tactical-bands unit" (per Himself), 30; affair with medical attaché, 30, 91, 1049; slipping "certain organic testosterone-regeneration compound distilled by the Jivaro shamen of the South-Central L. basin" into Hal's cereal (according to Himself), 30; "agoraphobic workaholic and obsessive-compulsive" 42; working hard not to show her "maternal dread" 50; "black phobic dread of hiding or secrecy," "rarely travels above ground" 51; marriage to Himself, 64; "taught out at Brandeis where [Du Plessis had] done his residency" 91; teaches triad of required Grammars at ETA, 154; 187; "had this effect on older men" 286; "E. Wayne, 552; father was a potato farmer in Québec, fn.234/1041; style of "abuse" 1050; reaction to S. " (Hal is 12), 29; interest in Byzantine pornography, 29, 950; "obsession with having nobody [...] know he's high" 54; drugs and, 67; "atavistically dark-complected" 99; pedigree, 100; ankle, 104; gets high daily, 114; "Blott and Arslanian are looking at him. '" 114; "a twinge in a tooth on his mouth's left side" 121; "60% of what he told Orin on the phone since Orin had abruptly started calling again this spring was a lie" 136; paper on modern v. 116; ETA student & "thirteen-year-old baseliner and calculus phenom from Wilmington DE, who 'Wears the Beanie' as Eschaton's gamemaster and statistician of record" (322); "stats-wienie and Eschaton game-master," 171; 264; Hitachi monitor still over his head from Eschaton violence, 456; in Tavis' office, 527; in hospital bed next to Gately, 817; Hitachi monitor removed on Thursday, 948; Loring A. above the top of the towel dispenser" 700; met and bonded w/Himself on Canada's Northwest coast, 706; "'I Don't Know (How to Love Him)' from an old opera Lyle sometimes [...] listened to at night in the weight room" 808; taught ETA kids that "panic sharpens the senses almost past enduring" 896; says that "the most advanced level of Vaipassana or 'Insight' meditation consisted in sitting in fully awakened contemplation of one's own death" 898; Lynch, David 944; American film (Eraserhead, The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, Wild At Heart, Lost Highway) and TV (Twin Peaks, On The Air ) director; parodied (? ), 960; Moore, Lateral Alice 99; ETA administration, C. S.2002 [note: I left this 2002 thing in because I couldn't disprove it, but nor can I recall in the text where one can fix subsidized time to "regular" time. Regional Operative; meeting re ads telling kids not to watch dubious entertainment cartridges Tingly (Tingley) 208; Ennet House resident; "stout alcoholic kid" 609; Töblerone 34; chocolate candy imported from Switzerland; 48 Tode, Mary Esther 80; prorector at ETA Tolan, Billy fn.24/987; plays academic in Himself's Fun with Teeth Tolstoy , Count Leo, (Lev Nikolayevich) 95; sentence syntax; (1828-1910) Russian writer/philosopher. 110/1005 Diehl, Gavin 177; resident at Ennet House; 208; 363; 596; Diggs, Mrs. Gompert Dimock Detox 272; where Geoffrey Day came from Dingley 564; "that skittery kid" at Ennet House Disease "your personal will is the web your Disease sits and spins in" 357; Dixon, Franklin W. R.'s standard, "a double sinuous s-shaped line across the traditional fleur-de-lis motif of Quebecois Separatism, fn.304/1056; Pemulis: "revere the double S. volunteer who viewed the Entertainment Des Monts 975; colleague of Bobby C.'s; Des Montes [sp] "had no realy loyalties or membership in any community" fn.369/1078 Dickinson, Emily fn. 581; tracts by, being handed out by Bruce Green's aunt Minimal Mambo 229; danced at Notkin's party mint green Ford sedan 327; with Nunhagen Asprin ad on its right rear door, 332 Minty, Emil aka "yrstruly" (12/YDPAH), 128-35; resident at Ennet House, 178; 207; "hard-core smack-addict punk" 275; 300; 615; (Note, Emil Minty is the name of the child actor who plays the "Feral Kid" in the post-apocalyptic Mel Gibson movie "Road Warrior.") Miss Diagnosis 450; "alto grad student" who is Madame Psychosis' replacement at WYYY; 624; Mitchell, Joni 966; disk of, playing in J. Wiener, Reimann, Frege, Green" fn.324/1072; Doucette, Anton ("The Boogerman") fn.147/1029; ETA student; confessing to Lyle re booger-like mole, 390; clinically depressed, 567; dreams- "talent's unconscious exercise [...] a long waking dream of pure play" 173; "expect some rough dreams [...] Keep a flashlight by your bed" 174-75; "This is also how not to fear sleep or dreams" 175; "dreamy, dreaming music that had the rhythm of long things swinging" 183; "nightmares where you prepare immaculately and [...] the exam questions are in Hindi" 253; "I kept dreaming of a face in the floor" 254; Dream Duty, 272; Dretske , Fred 70; (pioneer in the field of cognitive science, Philosophy Dept., Duke Univ.) du Bois marijuana cigarette; ("doobie") Duffy, Maura 973; childhood schoolmate of Gately's Dukakis, Michael 576; former Governor of Mass., & US presidential candidate who lost to George H. Mc Lean Hospital 249; where Himself did "a two-day purge and detox" while working on the Entertainment; fn.145/1027; in Belmont, MA, where J. Mikey 958; "alcoholic, addict and a sick fuck" with child visitation issues with his mother and sister Militant Grammarians of Massachussetts (MGM) 288; led by Avril I.; Tactical Phalanx, 288; fn.234/1039 Millennial Fizzy 182; soft drink; fn.138; taken w/Oreos for "jittery amphetaminic buzz" 200 Miller, W. Roberta Joan Anderson, Saskatchewan, Canada, 7Nov43) M.

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50; ETA student; 266; rooms w/Stice, 394; from Erythema AZ (outside Tucson), 453; stepdad went to "one of those men's-issues-Men's-Movement-type Meetings" 804; "having them discharges again" 868; "doesn't have his key since the accident with the whirlpool" 942; C.

- SMR, 1/23/00 - 0.473 litres 222; one pint AA/NA clichés, 270; "the Gift" 273; Getting In Touch With Your Feelings, 446; "accept it on faith" 533; Powerless, 546; rationalizing, 555; is your Higher Power "omni-potent enough to make a suitcase that's too heavy for him to lift"? C.) 412; Anchorman's Bloat 147 anhedonia Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure; "You seek to vanquish and transcend the limited self whose limits make the game possible" 84; "it is often more fun to want something than to have it" 205; simple melancholy, afflicting goal-oriented people, 692-93 annulation "cold annular fusion" 64; annular hyperfloration cycles, 65; vicious circle of drug-taking and tennis, 67; "circle of arms" 69; "annularly overfertilized forests" 93; "firelight's circle" 103; "curve's classically annular shape" 150; "annularized Great Concavity's No-Time," 183; "cold-fusion ring" 185; "annulation equations" 185; "the ultimate annular fusion" 222; "some beastly post-annular scopophiliacal vector" 233; "subannular regions of the Great Concavity" 241; "annular-generated amps" 242; 306; 309; & Jim Incandenza, 502-03; and shame, 535; "the annulated Shawshine River" 561; 569; explained, 570-74; annular medicine, 572; Mr. mishap, 620; "concentric rings of pond and crowd" 622; Metallurgy of Annular Isotopes , 624; "his finger's annular pallor" 638; more concentric rings, 718; ETA's annular heating system, 870; "concentric circles" 891; Anschluss 1020; German: "connection"; O.

564; Gratitude List, 596; "Everything I've ever let go of has claw marks on it" 606; Suicide Contract, 697; Attitude of Platitude, 706; Denial Aisle, 707; black addict (Reginald or Roy Tony? to Madame Psychosis' WYYY show, 171, 190; methadone clinic in Unit #2, 194; stats and info on, 200; "all but lose your mind when [the enslaving substance] is taken away from you" 201; "Analysis-Paralysis," 203; Mc Dade's tattoo of "flaming skull on his left shoulderblade" 206; Joelle's to "the Material [freebase cocaine]" 222; Pemulis' "neurasthenic stomach" 267; Troeltsch and 'drines" 267; Hal's "devolution from occasional tourist to subterranean compulsive" 270; "some people never get over the loss of what they'd thought was their one true best friend" 273; The Spider, 274; "difference between abstinence v. 89; aka Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents, aka Wheelchair Assassins of Québec Agnew, Spiro 281; Ahts of Vancouver 243; primitives Ala Teens 1050; ALGOL 491; fn.223/1036 All-Bright Printing 894; where Parias-Carbo works; near Jackson-Mann School; Allen, Woody 944; American comedian, film actor and director; parodied by Himself in Death in Scarsdale Allston, MA "Kiss me where it smells, she said, so I took her to Allston" 154, 578 Alphonso 178; resident at Ennet House, from Cuba Altman, Robert 835; American film director - "crafted imitation of aural chaos" American Council of Disseminators of Cable (A. Green "clunking around in circles" 580; people "milling in rings" around an Empire W.

Gilles 792; "posthumous Incest and the Life of Death in Capitalist Entertainment de Lint, Aubrey F. ) for "antique blue lava-lamp and a lavender-tinged apothecary's mirror" 481-82; Pemulis researching, 785; fn.8/984; per Pemulis: "doesn't show up on a G. the fly agaric mushroom" 66; Parnate, 70; Thousand-Meter Stare, 76; "involuted marijuana-type thinking" 136; Talwin, 210; Ecstacy, 230; marijuana addiction, 503; cocaine hydrolysis' effect on various characters in IJ, fn.232/1037; "Marijuana Thinking" fn.269/1048; "operating a pharmaceutical company without a license" 699; "humboldt County hydroponic marijuana" 804; Tenuate, fn.3/983; P.

811; name used for high-interest account of Ewell's Money-Stealers' Club DMZ 170; [Link to Oneirine] powerful psychedelic described as "temporally-cerebral and almost ontological", aka Madame Psychosis ; 211-15; "envision acid that has itself dropped acid" 214; "time-tested entrepôt" 216; traded to Antitois by old hippy (Sixties Bob? [...] Struck tracked this down off an obscure Digestive-Flora footnote. If the stuff shows up at all it shows as a slight case of imbalanced yeast" fn.321/1064; "original intent was to induce what they called quote transcendent experiences in [...] chronic alcoholics in the like 1960s at Verdun Protestant Hospital in Montreal" fn.321/1064; Doocey, Tommy 18 (not named); "kept several large snakes" 39; 75; his hairlip, 179; 584; dope acid trails, 43; one-hitter, 49; at E. A., 53; "oral narcotis addicts tend to operate on an extremely rigid physical schedule of need and satisfaction" 57; Seldane, 60; "Amanita Muscaria, a.k.a. Leap like a knight of faith into the arms of Peano, Leibniz, Hilbert, L'Hôpital.

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