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Such broad legal powers and public sentiment against online solicitation have spurred massive sting operations by authorities throughout the state.For instance, an online solicitation of a minor sting operation in Montgomery County led three dozen men being arrested in December of 2016.Consider this: In Texas, a person can be convicted of a felony crime for online solicitation of a minor and sent to prison without ever having actually met the minor.In fact, a defendant can face prison time without ever contacting a minor online, since the person at the other end may have been a law enforcement officer posing as an underage girl or boy.

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Also, law officers’ strategies must constitute active and overt persuasion, rather than simply temptation.As Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Neal Davis well knows, entrapment defenses against online solicitation - while often difficult - are indeed available.One such entrapment defense is noted at Texas Penal Code § 8.06.Americans across the nation are being snared in aggressive online solicitation of a minor stings led by federal, state or local authorities.Many such Americans are innocent of the crime for which they are charged.

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