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There have been many times in my life that I have questioned my brain and its warp speed.

Often it seems to race forward with enormous amounts of information but it speeds by the outstretched hands of people and continues to do so repeatedly until the credits roll again and my tardy core weeps.

I have always been a late bloomer in life and even in my late 20s I think I had the maturity of a reckless teenager lacking so many parts of my framing “architecture”.

I was missing so many parts but I sprinted forward with moxie and reckless abandon.

Chip was extremely sensitive and could seem to look into one’s conscious and read emotions.

He would talk about those emotions and how to relax and sing from your core and not from a manufactured sound.

Often people will say wow, I feel like I have put my mouth on a fire hydrant full of information, and how did you learn all of this Larry.

On the other hand, the people I love in my life, they seem to not quite touch the soul of the person they so want and need and they never get to frolic in the life game of heart-tag.

My life skills were missing and I was a young hormonal male proud of emotion instead of logic and was thrown into the world thinking I was clothed and yet I was so very naked.

Heart-tag is why we are here and I have missed so many touch points.

Chip Hand was put in my life for a reason, and he subtly architected some of my “corners and cross members”.

The art of suggestion in marketing creates subjective tributaries for thought and presumption as we authors’ scamper away rollicking in indulgent and tickling glee. Chip Hand was involved in many aspects of life and was also a very good voice coach for singers in Beverly Hills.

He lived in a small home near the famous restaurant row, La Cienega Boulevard.

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