Sex chats between coples nursing school and dating

Yes, some find better sex quality in open marriages and yes, non-religious views should be considered but few people care to listen to arrogant and pompous sounding self-important narcissist on subjects as intimate and important as sex. As a conservative Christian who is happily married and have been for over 20 years, I have to resist the urge to "bible bash " here.

Monogamy probably wasn’t as important to these married couples because they joined families based on a purpose, rather than an emotion.There is a fairly direct correlation between close-minded conservative religiosity equating to defense of "traditional marriage" and life-long monogamy vs.more open-minded critical thinking equating to more flexible relationship/sexual models that serve the needs of the partners participating in the relationship (which, by the way, includes traditional marriage as one model of many).Your condescending view of those with religious values only makes you look like an inferior snob trying to impress others with your moral 'high ground'.Even with all the failed marriages in the mostly conservative USA, there are many more successful and happy marriages among them than there are couples with open marriages.

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