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Typical questions people wonder about this app include: What is the point of using the separate Facebook Messenger app as opposed to the regular Facebook mobile app? That's because messages sent with this standalone app typically go over the Internet, bypassing the carrier's cellular network.

So they DO count toward any Internet data use allowance the user has, but DON' T consume any of the SMS messaging quota or voice calling minutes.

The feature allowed users to send instant live messages to one friend or to hold a group chat with multiple pals at once.

From the start, Facebook Chat was baked into the social network on the desktop or Web, and it worked inside the Web browser, with no separate software required.

Poke never really caught on and Facebook eventually stopped promoting it.

Also in December, Facebook released a revamped version of its Poke feature, turning it into a standalone mobile app that lets people send disappearing messages, making it similar to Snapchat.That same year (2011) it also rolled out "Facebook Messenger" as a separate mobile messaging app for both i Phone and Android devices. As if those features and apps weren't enough, Facebook released a special messaging app for Windows desktop computers in 2012.Called "Facebook Messenger for Windows," it's basically the same thing as the mobile messenger redesigned for desktop computers running Windows.In the spring and summer of 2012, the mobile app, Facebook Messenger, got new features and a facelift, which made it speedier on mobile phones and offered more message notifications.New features included the ability to see the location of a message sender and to see when people had viewed a message, as Facebook continued to add bells and whistles try to become a more central part of people's communication habits on mobile phones.

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