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Code9 basically means that a parent is in the vicinity or is watching.A Code9 leads to an immediate change of discussion if they are keeping something from you.Add to that all the information about contraception and STIs and it can start to feel pretty overwhelming!The next few pages will provide honest, straightforward info about sex and sexuality, and hopefully clear up some of the questions you might have. To anyone who has ever worked in sales of any type, ‘POS’ would stand for ‘point of sale’. We thought as much (looks like we’re all a little out of touch). As in ‘1 thing to say 2 you 3 words 4 you’ – I love you.

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The acronym ‘AAA’ stands for ‘Anytime, Anywhere, Any place’.and it’s a two-way street: You also need to respect your partner’s boundaries.With more knowledge comes a strengthened ability to make good decisions, which is especially important when talking about sex.Talkwith Stranger allows you to skip the hassle of logging in and sharing too many personal details.When you free text someone, it is entirely up to you what you want to share with them.

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