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However, even though camel spiders are pretty big and quite fast, they're nowhere near as large as the photo makes it seem nor as fast as the email claims.The photo itself was just taken from an angle that makes the spider seem bigger than it really is.Yet even though Lonelygirl15 wasn't the victim of some strange cult that kept her locked in her house, and even though the entire thing was just a hoax, the web series remained popular until it ended in 2008. So it's not surprising that when clever You Tuber Mark Erickson created a very well done how-to video demonstrating how to gain access to the service's hidden beta, people bought it hook line and sinker.Of course, there is no Google TV — but we do now have Hulu, which is surprisingly similar to what Erickson was describing.An email with what was purported to be a photo of the world's largest dog started popping up in inboxes in 2007.

These claims were made more believable because the email included a photo of US servicemen holding a spider that appears to be about a foot in length.

The message, which appeared to be posted from Konstantin Chernenko (with the address [email protected]

UUCP), was shocking because most people assumed Cold War security issues and hostility between the USSR and the USA would prevent the Soviet Union from joining Usenet.

Another variation of this hoax is that every forwarded email will raise money for some charitable cause.

An email started making the rounds in 2004 asking people to be sympathetic to troops in Iraq, not because they have to be away from their families or because war zones are dangerous, but because they have to deal with absolutely prehistoric spiders.

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