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E' tempo di novità, di cambiamenti e di addii, anche in casa Ducati Aruba.it, uno dei team principali del Campionato Superbike.

Partiamo dalle novità, la presentazione del Team è avvenuta in una nuova location rispetto agli scorsi anni.

They wouldn’t allow comparison shots - probably because the new i Pad is a little thicker - but the dimensional differences are minor and the overall feel is near-identical.' 'By and large, the new guy is the same as the old guy (Home button included), but with a few nice amenities that could very well convince owners of earlier i Pads to upgrade.

Upon touching the HD variant, it's not the overall form factor that grabs us -- it's the screen.'One of the unannounced new features of the update to Apple's operating system, i OS5.1 is that it discreetly raises the limit for i Tunes downloads via the phone network from 20MB to 50MB - allowing for apps that cater to i Pad's new Retina screen.

It will also offer a high speed 4G LTE network connection in territories with 4G - in the U.

S., it will be available on both the AT&T and Verizon wireless networks. Up close, the new HD screen is very impressive indeed - particularly with apps built to take advantage of it - such as the new version of sky watching app Star Walk which can show 300,000 stars on screen at once.'There is no doubt that peopple like Blackberry maker RIM and Google will struggle to compete.

@SSBody Shot King tweeted: '@You Tube Can you fix your app on i Phone X.

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Aussi, Cybook devient la première tablette de lecture européenne à être lancée.

The key is really the apps - we have seenhigh resolution screens before, but Apple has 200,000 apps that nobody can compete with,' says analyst Avi Greengart.

'As far as weight and shape, it’s almost exactly the same as the i Pad 2.

Scroll down for video You Tube has promised to fix an annoying i Phone and i Pad battery bug that is draining the charge of users' devices.

One user recently took to Twitter to complain after You Tube's app appeared to sap as much as 20 per cent of their device's battery life in half an hour Some have complained that since Apple's i OS11 update the You Tube app saps their device of battery, with some reporting the problem persists even if the app is shut.

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