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There are a number of ways to get an axonometric view of your Auto CAD drawing but the DDVPOINT command is probably the easiest and quickest to use.

It is, however, buried two layers deep in the pull-down menu so it's often quicker simply to type it at the keyboard, since there is no toolbar button.

The binder polymer includes a copolymer having (a) a first monomer unit with a contact angle to water of 0 to 49° and (b) a second monomer unit with a contact angle to water of 50 to 130°.

This separator is useful for an electrochemical device, particularly a lithium secondary battery.

DDMODIFY is always used by Auto CAD as a default for single object selections when the Properties command is selected from the toolbar or from the pull-down menu.

When you have selected the objects, the Change Properties dialogue box appears.

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A separator includes a porous substrate having a plurality of pores, and a porous coating layer formed on at least one surface of the porous substrate and made of a mixture of a plurality of filler particles and a binder polymer.To change the thickness, simply enter a value (in drawing units) in the Thickness edit box.When you click the "OK" button your objects will be extruded by the amount specified.You can do this by using XY and Z co-ordinates or by picking points in 3D space.In the illustration on the left a circle has been moved from the base plane of a cube to the top face of a cube.

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