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The haze of mystery surrounding the assignment provoked interest as well as annoyance.We soon found ourselves en route to Washington, where a few more people were added--from the Signal Corps, the Air Force, and even from the Navy--bringing the total to about 40 qualified radio operator volunteers.When called to active duty, I was sent to Camp Crowder, Missouri, for basic training and radio operator training (Morse code) along with miscellaneous programs such as truck driving (useful in China two years later).At this stage, however, the Signal Corps seemed pretty dull.Even before the formation of OSS, Donovan had been in contact with representatives of the British services--the Secret Intelligence Service (espionage) and the Special Operations Executive (paramilitary).Our European Jedburgh operations were to be dominated by British patterns of training, organization, planning, and logistics.Twenty-eight continued on to complete the training program and become members of the Jedburgh teams.

For those still interested, there was a personal interview.Some 25 of those who passed through this gauntlet were selected.Friends made during these months at Camp Crowder generally agreed I was a fool--but with some hint of envy.Executive Foresights help strategically guide you by seeing a bigger picture.They are driven mostly by recent, noteworthy news events. They give you the context along with ABI’s important technology forecasts.

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