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Having fought and defeated him by using the four Sacred Swords (including Caliburn), Merlina reveals to Sonic and The Knights of the Round Table that King Arthur was an illusion conjured by her grandfather, Merlin.She then takes Excalibur's scabbard to become all-powerful, so she can be the new queen.Swordplay is implemented through the Wii Remote and hence, similar to Sonic and the Secret Rings, however players no longer control Sonic's movement on rails as the team say they have learned from the biggest criticisms about it.The gameplay is mainly 3D, but occasionally the camera will shift to a side-scrolling perspective for traditional 2D gameplay.After completing them, Sonic soon encounters a crying child whose village was abducted by a dragon and decides to help her.Sonic soon encounters and defeats Gawain (Knuckles' counterpart in the game), and takes his sword before he can kill himself out of shame with it, asking him if there is more to being a knight than serving a king.

Gameplay for Sonic and the Black Knight differs from traditional games in the Sonic series by mixing in the new element of swordplay, along with the traditional Sonic platforming and speed.In the World of Camelot, while on the run from the Black Knight and his demonic minions of the underworld, Merlina is surrounded by the Black Knight's minions, and, before she is taken, performs a summoning ritual that brings Sonic to her world.Sonic defeats the Black Knight's minions before Merlina teleports them both away in a whirlwind.After a long battle, Sonic and Caliburn manage to defeat Merlina.Though Merlina continues to lament the fate of the kingdom, Sonic gives her a flower and tells her that, while all worlds have to end, they merely need to live life to the fullest in the time that they have; reminiscing about her grandfather, Merlina takes his advice to her heart.

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