Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard

(there was reports that V10 took it back down again but this is unconfirmed) the V9 evga bios is what I flashed the asus board to.during the week of use, the only thing I had problems was with the sound and sensors, windows loaded fine, even ran prime95 and memtest amongst other tests with no errors.

You are correct that they are using 4x4 GB sticks, the motherboard was rated to use 1.8v DDR3 ram, however I have some XMP ram that runs at 1.65V if needed, however was running fine at an underclocked rate from 1600 to 1333 at 1.5v (for best stability and to take the stress of the NB controller along with match the CPU FSB) to that end, I am running 2 of the sticks with the asus bios (2x4) at the 1.5v with again no issues even at their standard rate and an OC'd CPU (again to match the CPU FSB of the 1600mhz ram)So I can confirm it does work (other people also with the evga boards report no issues that I can find of running 16GB ram with the bios update) weather it shortens the life of the motherboard is yet to be seen, but at this point the board itself is fairly old (while still keeping up with everything I have thrown at it) and shortening it's life span isn't too much of a concern to me at this point.

A fifth switch for each secondary slot allows it to use alternative pathways when an x1 card is installed.

An internal feature “missing” from the M4A79T Deluxe is any third-party hard drive controller.

After flash remove the floppy, power off PC Completely.

Hi all, please could anyone put Xeon (5400 series) microcodes inside the latest two BIOS versions of the EVGA n Force 790i Ultra SLI motherboard?

Now set the CD Drive as the primary boot device, or press escape while the system is booting to select CD as the bootable device.

Our book Fast, Scalable and Secure Webhosting for Web Developers will give you the knowledge to run your site on a speedy, scalable and secure server!The configuration is possible on the M4A79T Deluxe, but only with single-slot cards such as the Radeon HD 4850 with reference-design cooling.Electronic switches allow the M4A79T Deluxe to automatically configure its x16-length slots as dual x16, quad x8, or single x16 and dual x8 pathways.All AMD chipsets have supported the company’s overclocking utility since its Spider platform launch one year ago, which we will address in the overclocking comparison of this article.Asus adds its own Cool’n’Quiet software interface, along with the expected Asus Ai Suite.

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