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Sets the number of seconds to wait for policy processing to finish. This is required for those Group Policy client-side extensions that do not process policy on a background update cycle but do process policy when a user logs on.Examples include user-targeted Software Installation and Folder Redirection.I forgot to mention in the beginning that I was mapping to another machine that we had all of our backup information on, on which the users of the domain did not have credentials.

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I would like the Win 7 machine to use windows update straight from Microsoft, not from the domain.this should work mate and ifit doesnt then run the command and see what the error says (Right click user Config, check the error tab to see why it failed.).Thanks for the reply Johnny Jammer, my GPO is configured to users and not computers, and I added the GPO to the entire domain so that it would be trickled down to every group.Johnny Jammer, thank you for all of your help in this matter.The command was instrumental in helping me figure this out.

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