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Exercise is in many ways a moving meditation; getting lost in the sensations of your own body means that you aren’t devoting bandwidth to the idea of what a failure you are.

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And when that sense of futility builds past a point, your brain… You start feeling detached, like there’s no meaning. More stress, more frustration, more feeling like you’re lower than a snake’s ass in a drainage ditch.We feel like we’re giving up, giving in, admitting defeat. You are going to give yourself time to heal and recuperate. Part of what makes dating hard – and leads us to burnout – is that dating is often a solitary pursuit. In fact, part of what makes us burn out on dating is that feeling of isolation, that we’re the person we know going through this.But what we’re doing is giving ourselves time to heal. You can’t date on a broken heart and sprained soul. So suspend your OKCupid account, leave your “going out” outfits sit at the back of the closet and just… Now, don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that you’re going to cocoon in your pad under a growing mountain of empty pizza boxes and moldy Chinese take-out. We are trying to shoulder the burden of this pain, of this disappointment all by ourselves.Similarly, upping your exercise will improve your outlook. Our bodies are built to move; moving more and getting our cardiovascular system involved makes us feel better.Increased oxygen intake and blood flow makes us feel more energized and reduces stress.

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