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As soon as I saw the timber beginning to move I gave a shout of warning and a number of men climbed up the ladder and got out.

I was standing by the side of the trench and was thrown down.

Soon this became overcrowded and it was extended to provide greater wharfage.

On the day of the tragedy, the trench was surrounded by cranes and railway wagons.

I was down at the bottom myself two days ago, when everything seemed to be quite safe’.

‘It sounded like an explosion…a crash, and dust rose like smoke. ‘The timbers rose like a camel’s back and then folded like a concertina’…….

Stone, sand and earth had been removed and the timbers had been put in place.

The contractors, Easton Gibb and Son, acknowledged experts in this type of construction, intended to start concreting that day.

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