Dating and mind games

You are a jerk for merely suggesting they aren’t perfect or they might be in any way responsible.

You always put your bad feelings off on them or blame them for your mental instability.

When you confront them about anything, they twist the situation and story and then go on to say how “crazy” you are and that you “always do this” as if your feelings are nothing but a reflection of your own mental deficit.

By the time you leave, you end up wondering if they are right and you need to seek counseling. Should you stay or break free] #7 They are way too angry for the inquiry.

When you bring up something to a narcissist that they either don’t want to discuss or has the potential to make them admit wrongdoing, they twist and weave so that they don’t have to hear or acknowledge it.

Taking things out of the closet that you haven’t seen in years and hurling things at you at ferocious speed is the way they divert your truth.

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They typically target people with high empathy and people pleasers.#3 The story you remember and the one that comes from their mouth are incongruent.When you are in an argument with someone you know you are being gaslighted when you tell your side of the story and hear theirs. Things you did, what you said, and vice versa, always sway in their favor.But, when dealing with a narcissist, you always leave thinking, “I’ve been here before… ” #6 You think maybe they are right and you’re just crazy.A narcissist is very good at one thing, doing what they do.

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