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Dating is one of the most nerve wracking and exciting things human beings must deal with. Some people love the game, while for others, it’s worse than picking up your dogs business when you take them out for a walk. Brendan and has frustrated a whole lot of men along the way. She often puts herself in precarious situations just to have a story to tell. She rocks the pata sucia look every weekend and has perfected the walk of shame.She goes to Vixen Workout twice a week to learn how to bring all the boys to the yard. She wakes up with random bruises all over her legs and often comes home with ripped articles of clothing and broken shoes.Almost every guy I've known here moved to Miami for the lifestyle, whether one of "work moderately, play the hardest;" surf and sand (which requires a responsibility-free "career" that allows him time off during the day); or a freeballing "alternative" one. It's not impossible (I've found at least one good guy here, had relationships and all that jazz), but be cognizant of your dating context.You're wading through a higher-than-normal concentration of douchebaggery and phantom swag (that phenomenon where a guy appears to have a healthy dose of sexy confidence but, in reality, needs money/name-dropping/a wingman/alcohol to seal the deal).

And that's not even considering his level of attractiveness. In Miami, perhaps more so than any other city (Las Vegas notwithstanding), the emphasis is on play.

I have to remember to order something without too much garlic, since you don’t want that gross smell lingering around (wouldn’t bother me, but what do I know? So after dinner, it’s the typical walk along the park type of thing.

I’ve made it this far still looking all cute and stylish and then remember I decided to wear my flats.

You think he woke up one morning and convinced himself that South Beach was where he could REALLY get serious about life, further his career, grow up, find the one love of his life, settle down and start a family? Guys don't move to Miami to make responsible life decisions. You know, something other than clubbing or day drinking.

Here, you'll find many boys still playing in the sandbox. Fill your calendar with seriously fun events involving art, film (no, doesn't count), lectures, sporting activities. Your agenda should be more about enjoying the nuances of this city, less about relentless man-searching.

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