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So when the graduation trip to Aruba was planned, Natalee was so excited! Of course I was hysterical cause I was the only one who didn't go!

CLAIRE: Everyone going on the trip got on two planes—about 100 seniors and four teachers as chaperones—leaving for Aruba on Thursday. CLAIRE: The Aruba Holiday Inn was nice; the beach was beautiful. At night everyone got really dressed up to have dinner at the hotel, and afterward people would go to popular hangouts for young people—one was Carlos'n Charlie's.

She took them for outings, and she'd work alongside them, shucking corn and shelling peas together.

CLAIRE: She was a kind person, but not overly sweet. MALLIE: I close my eyes and I see Natalee, shucking corn.

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I met with them in Mountain Brook, Alabama, the Birmingham suburb where they all grew close and where Mallie's and Claire's families still live. "MALLIE: She helped me with AP environmental science.It's so strange—Natalee's been gone for longer than I've known her.That's really hard for me—I kind of want the years to stop.So Hooty Hoo Holloway came to Birmingham, and there was no beating around the bush with that girl. Once I asked her to get me a soft drink, and she looked at me like I'd asked her to run a mile. Beth was a speech pathologist and worked with children, and that sensitivity rubbed off.My mom employed autistic adults at Harvest Glen, and Natalee was their favorite coworker.

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