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Most of the people who use the services the Camillus House provides do not have any other assistance available to them.

They have no money, housing, or family to help them. Eligibility Requirements Eligibility depends on availability and needs.

The amount the voucher covers depends on the financial need of the person receive it.

Eligibility Requirements Families that do not have a home are first priority.

The money runs homeless assistance programs throughout communities to help individuals and families needing housing stability after homelessness.

Eligibility Requirements This grant program provides funding to agencies providing shelters and programs such as street outreach, homelessness prevention, and data collection.

People who are suffering through the direst circumstances end up receiving the most help.

Each mother must find another single mother to live with and they split the rent.Eligibility Requirements Non-profit, state, and local government agencies are eligible to receive this funding.The amount agencies receive depends on the need for affordable housing for community members the agencies serve.Website: The Emergency and Funding Shelter Program by the United Way provides funding to human services agencies to help communities build, rebuild, and purchase housing for people with a low income.This program is only for private and public agencies.

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