Eddie izzard dating

Edward John "Eddie" Izzard, better known as Eddie Izzard is a British writer, actor and a standup comedian, who is known for appearing in movies like Shadow of the Vampire, The Cat's Meow, Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's Thirteen, Mystery Men and has also donated his voice to some animated movies like The Wild (2006), Igor (2008), The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008), and Cars 2 (2011).

With his stage debut in 1994, he has played in many theatrical acts and has also made a name for his work as an outstanding comedian.

Both of Eddie’s relations have ended shortly, and there is no chance that he has had any children either ways.

To know more about his life and career, you can read his biography that can be found on sites like IMDB and Wikipedia.

His relationship with Townsend lasted roughly three years in which the couples were seen to be immensely in love. The couples also tried to have children, but were unsuccessful.

This could have been the reason of their unexpected split.

Eddie’s first girlfriend was his college girlfriend of whom we do not know much.With a net worth value of million US dollars, his success and fame have reached in many different countries around the world.Eddie Izzard is a good-looking man, who has regained his charm after undergoing cosmetic surgery.Eddie was born in Yemen, in the British colony known by the name of “Colony of Aden” which was there from 1937 to 1963 and his parents worked in the colony where he was born.He was born as the son of a nurse mother Dorothy Ella whereas his father Harold Izzard worked as an accountant for one of the companies.

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