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AMP allows site authors to host a static mobile-optimized version of any of their site pages which distribution platforms like Google cache and serve to users.Much of the AMP criticism is targeted at Google’s approach to caching the serving AMP pages from the domain.TL; DR — We Journeyed Into the World of AMP and Learned Some Stuff We teamed up with Google to focus on The AMP Project and received a dream brief: create anything your heart desires, so long as it helps push the boundaries of what’s possible in AMP’s codebase and component library.As we share what we built and learned along the way, we’ll also give our take on AMP’s importance, who it’s for and where it’s going. AMP is an open-source framework for building efficient, high performance web pages.

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A page built using AMP HTML can be privately hosted on server, you can take advantage of all of the framework’s features without having Google host your content. After hearing feedback that a few of these in particular have been stumbling blocks in the wild, we started thinking about how to make styling AMP pages a little easier.One of the first resources we’re rolling out is As part of building our checkout flow sample, we also tested integrations with different payment providers.We simply took this project as an opportunity to chart down our own path and make our own impressions.From our experience, there are some misconceptions we’d like to help clear up.

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