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By the end you'll be confident, extremely proud of yourself, and ready to take on any challenge you're presented with. It starts w/Shawn teaching one of the most beloved dances from recent years, the Cupid Shuffle.

If your main objective is to learn the hottest line dances out there and to do it right on the first go-round, Club Line Dances 1&2 is for you! Then, you'll learn the Electric Slide & get ahead of everyone who's been faking it for years.

If you're a true beginner, it won't be too fast and it won't be too slow... The Line Dance 6-Pack is the Ultimate Collection of Line Dance Lessons and one everyone should experience as the instruction here will set you up for a lifetime of enjoyment!

This isn't just some random group of dances, it's everything you'll need to really impress your friends and feel extremely confident each & every time you get on the dance floor.

Cueing is one of his main ingredients & something you'll take for granted after just a few minutes.

You'll love his style and appreciate the tips he gives for how you can develop your own.

Learn about different types of line dance lessons below and how Shawn Trautman’s exclusive Line Dance DVDs will put you in the driver's seat.

Once you learn to line dance using Shawn’s highly effective system, you'll be ready to enjoy a lifetime of movement, music & line dancing fun!

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Then, you'll kick it up a notch and work through some advanced material - but don't worry, you'll be ready by this point and you'll love what you're learning.

After only a few short fast-paced lessons you'll be left thinking you can't keep up and that you Just. You can be up, having fun, and actually line dancing just minutes after starting if it's taught the right way.

Below is a complete beginner course of line dance lessons that teaches you everything you need to get started & look good!

It includes 8 of the best line dances including the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Electric Slide, Two-Step Line Dance and many more.

These line dance lessons are thorough, step-by-step and progressive so you'll have plenty of 'challenge options'.

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