Gambia dating agency

It occupies a long narrow strip of land that surrounds the Gambia River.

The land is flat and is dominated by the river, which is navigable throughout the length of the country.

In the middle and upper river areas there are warthogs, monkeys, baboons, antelope, pygmy hippopotamuses, and crocodiles.

In addition, more than 500 species of birds live throughout the country.

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A few towns are located upriver, but most Gambians live in rural villages.

Near the coast the rainy season lasts longer, and the rainfall is heavier, diminishing eastward.The Gambian economy is heavily dependent on peanut (groundnut) production and export.The country is known for the beaches along its small Atlantic coastline and for being home to Jufureh (Juffure), the reputed ancestral village of Kunta Kinte, the main character in Alex Haley’s well-known novel The Gambia is a strip of land 15 to 30 miles (25 to 50 km) wide on either side of the Gambia River and extends almost 300 miles (480 km) into the interior; except for a short coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, it is entirely surrounded by Senegal. It flows across a plateau of Miocene-Pliocene sandstone consisting of compacted sediment composed predominantly of quartz grains formed from about 23.7 to 1.6 million years ago.In this sense, KAYAK is a search engine and we don't guarantee prices we find. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car hires can change frequently.Several people may also be trying to buy the same travel option simultaneously.

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