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However, this tip is not for all, if you have permalink that already has its date and time, this is not applicable for you.

Recycling or updating old post must be implemented/applied occasionally, so that your Word Press blog visitors/readers will not be confused.

Always remember, your blog’s success doesn’t only depends on the number of blog posts you posted on your blog, instead it is measured by number of people/visitors reading it.

So be wise on executing the following ways on how to promote your old blog post and gain positive result that you want for your blogs.

You can also have your Twitter followers re-tweet your posts to get a better output and maximum exposure.Roundup post works by publishing a post every weekend or every end of the month, thus which comprised of all popular or trending posts of that month or week.The great thing roundup posts offer is that they give you an instant spike on your Word Press Blog regular page view.The cost for 30 days - .99 will renew at .99/monthly if not cancelled (unlimited) The cost for 90 days - .99 will renew at .99 if not cancelled.For payment by telephone: The cost for 30 days - 30.

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